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cases however nickel and cobalt report to an impure solution and must be recovered separately in purified forms This paper discusses the application of the CESL Nickel Process to laterites limiting the discussion to the treatment of the impure nickel/cobalt solution after the pressure acid leach (PAL) 2 Get price


acid leaching

Sulfuric acid leaching of lead smelter mattes resulted in the recovery of about 45 pct of the nickel and cobalt and 10 to 45 pct of the copper The technique is an acid heap leaching process like that of the copper method in that it uses sulfuric acid instead of cyanide solution to liquefy the target minerals Get price



High Pressure Acid Leach (HPAL) remains the process of choice for treating limonite ores especially for large scale developments It has the advantages of high nickel and cobalt recoveries and is applicable to a wide range of ores However the process does suffer from significant waste disposal issues Atmospheric and Heap Leaching Get price


Pressure Acid Leaching of Nickel Laterites A Review

A pressure leaching process of nickel laterite in nitric acid medium was studied in a pilot plant scale The effects of reaction temperature initial acidity holding time liquid-to-solid ratio and leaching pressure were examined through single-factor experiments Get price


Atmospheric leaching of nickel and cobalt from nickel

There is great potential to recover nickel from below cut-off grade nickel saprolite ores using the Starved Acid Leach Technology (SALT) Nickel saprolite ores are normally mined as feed to Fe-Ni smelters or Ni matte smelting operations The smelting processes typically require high Ni cut-off grades of 1 5 to 2 2% Ni depending on the operation Get price


Selective leaching of nickel from prereduced limonitic

meet during AL process development have been high acid consumption selective leaching iron control and acceptable nickel recovery Generally under AL conditions nickel is more difficult to leach from limonite than from smectite (clay) and saprolite ores [3] To achieve high nickel extraction often high acid consumption is required asGet price


Effect of Microwave Heating on the Leaching of Lateritic

Microwave leaching of lateritic nickel ore in perchloric acid Microwave-assisted leaching experiments were carried out using the optimum results of the conventional leaching The pre-heating process consists of different microwave powers (0 90 180 360 and 600 W) and pre-heating time (0 1 3 5 7 10 15 and 20 min) Get price


PBT charges into EV raw materials sector with new

Pure Battery Technologies believes it has a cost effective and clean way of producing nickel and cobalt products for the battery sector just as demand for both metals has started to accelerate PBT is commercialising the patented Selective Acid Leaching (SAL) process developed by the University of Queensland which involves leaching and solvent Get price



phuric acid leaching process for the recovery of nickel as a sulphate from a spent cata-lyst in the steam reforming industry It was also shown that the high recovery of 99% nickel as nickel sulphate was achieved Chaudhary et al (1993) reported on hydrochloric acid leaching process for the re-Get price


acid leaching words

extracted from KUB-3 catalyst after 3 hours of leaching and 98% of nickel from RANG-19 after 4 hours of leaching respectively key words spent catalyst nickel leaching hydrochloric acid INTRODUCTION Increasing demand for nickel requires further intensive studies of its extraction methods from low-grade ores and secondary resources Get price


Acid Leaching Sulfuric

PROCESS MODELING OF SULPHURIC ACID LEACHING OF have identified calcinations temperature leaching temperature acid concentration liquidsolid ratio and stirrin- g speed to be very important process parameters that affects the leaching of minerals from clays In the process optimization of sulphuric acid leaching of alumina from Nteje clayGet price


A kinetic study on hydrochloric acid leaching of nickel

A kinetic study on hydrochloric acid leaching of nickel from Ni-Al2O3 spent catalyst P K Parhia K H Parka* G Senanayake b a Mineral Resources Research Division Korea Institute of Geosciences Mineral Resources (KIGAM) Daejeon 305-350 Republic of KoreaGet price


Leaching behavior of metals from limonitic laterite ore by

Leaching behavior of metals from limonitic laterite ore by high pressure acid leaching GUO Xue-yi SHI Wen-tang LI Dong TIAN Qing-hua School of Metallurgical Science and Engineering Central South University Changsha 410083 ChinaGet price


The Case for Glycine Heap Leaching

The Case for Glycine Heap Leaching Tim Newton Operations Director MPS Introduction GlyLeach is an emerging metallurgical technology with the potential to solve a number of -standing long industry dilemmas Alkaline glycine solutions provide a selective leach process where valuable metals includingGet price


Nickel and Cobalt Exraction from Caldag Lateritic Nickel

leaching atmospheric pressure acid leaching and acid pug-roast-leach process which was our main focus point in this project Nickel production can be achieved economically from ore containing Mg below 4% with high pressure acid leach process [5] However studies have been made to apply atmospheric pressure acid leaching due to high cost Get price


Outotec's Innovative Nickel Matte Leach Process

Outotec in fact said it has constantly been developing new sustainable and economically viable nickel processing methods—and its nickel matte chloride leaching process is designed to leach matte in atmospheric OKTOP reactors using hydrochloric acid and oxygen as well as ammonia for pH control Get price


atmospheric ammonia leach matte

The Outotec Nickel Matte Chloride Leaching Process The Outotec nickel matte chloride leaching process is especially suitable for small capacity standalone nickel refineries The matte is leached with hydrochloric acid and oxygen in multiple steps in atmospheric OKTOP reactors Get price


Dissolution of Valuable Metals from Nickel Smelter Slags

Dissolution of Valuable Metals from Nickel Smelter Slags by Means of High Pressure Oxidative Acid Leaching Ilya Perederiy Degree of Doctor of Philosophy Graduate Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry University of Toronto 2011 ABSTRACT In the production of base metals by smelting of sulphide ore concentrates large amountsGet price


Iron Control in Atmospheric Acid Laterite Leaching

nickel leaching The combined acid leaching and iron precipitation process involves direct acid leaching of the limonite type of laterite followed by a simultaneous iron precipitation and nickel leaching step Iron precipitation as jarosite is carried out by using nickel Get price


Development of a Combined Flotation and High Pressure

nickel by ICP-OES 2 3 High Pressure Leaching Leaching of froth concentrate obtained from flotation was studied in an autoc-lave system using sulfuric acid solution Schematic diagram of an autoclave sys-tem used in the study is shown in Figure 3 To obtain optimal conditions forGet price


Atmospheric acid leaching of nickel laterites review Part

Demand for nickel had risen from under 200 ktpa in 1950 to over 1200 ktpa in 2003 and was growing at an average of 4% pa The development of new technologies including high pressure acid leaching (HPAL) and atmospheric (acid) leaching (AL) processes make the Get price


Heap leaching

Nickel ores This method is an acid heap leaching method like that of the copper method in that it utilises sulfuric acid instead of cyanide solution to dissolve the target minerals from crushed ore The amount of sulfuric acid required is much higher than for copper ores as high as 1 000 kg of acid per tonne of ore but 500 kg is more common Get price


Leaching of Pyrrhotite from Nickel Concentrate

II LEACHING OF PYRRHOTITE FROM NICKEL CONCENTRATE ABSTRACT Non-oxidative acid leaching of pyrrhotite from Kevitsa's Ni-concentrate and methods to recover by-products have been investigated Selective dissolution of pyrrhotite (Fe 1-x S 0x0 25) can enrich the content of the valuable metals suchGet price



extraction rates with up to 85% nickel extraction in 87 days see table attached Whilst initial observations of the MFC operated pilot plant heap leaching process (getting nickel in solution "front-end") are very positive final process flow sheet development testwork for the "back-end" (getting nickel out of solution to a saleable Get price


Valves for autoclaves – high pressure acid leaching (HPAL)

high pressure acid leaching (HPAL) which is often used for the extraction of nickel from laterite ore bodies but can also be applied in copper and cobalt production The two major benefits of HPAL are the quickness of the process and high recovery rates compared to conventional leaching methods In the HPAL process the ore is crushed and mixedGet price



26-7-2012LOW ACID LEACHING OF NICKEL AND COBALT FROM LEAN IRON-CONTAINING NICKEL ORES The direct hydrometallurgy route generally applied is high pressure acid leaching (HPAL) This process generally uses ˜245-270 C autoclave leaching of the limonite with sulphuric acid to dissolve the goethite and re-precipitate hematite Get price


Atmospheric Acid Leaching of a Ferruginous Nickel

A ferruginous nickel laterite was leached by sulfuric acid at atmospheric pressure Nickel extraction was largely dependent on sulfuric acid concentration and leaching temperature Besides these two factors leaching time and liquid/solid ratio also influenced cobalt extraction significantly Nickel was easier to be extracted than cobalt About Get price


Nickel processing

16-10-2019Nickel processing preparation of the metal for use in various products Although it is best known for its use in coinage nickel (Ni) has become much more important for its many industrial applications which owe their importance to a unique combination of properties Nickel Get price


Nickel Laterite Leaching Process

Nickel Laterite Leaching Process Outotec Nickel Laterite Leaching Process The Outotec Nickel Laterite Leaching Process provides a HPAL processing method for nickel and cobalt containing laterites Our Outotec Autoclave Plant Unit and VSFX Plant Unit are the basis of the process and guarantee high recoveries of nickel and cobalt Get price



Abstract A hydrochloric acid hydrometallurgical process was evaluated for Ni and Co extraction from a low-grade saprolitic laterite The main characteristics of the process were (i) the application of a counter-current mode of operation as the main leaching step (CCL) and (ii) the treatment ofGet price


Leaching process norberg in indonesia

Leaching (chemistry) Wikipedia Leaching is the process of extracting substances from a solid by dissolving them in a liquid naturally In the chemical processing industry leaching has a variety of commercial applications including separation of metal from ore using acidGet price


Atmospheric leaching of nickel and cobalt from nickel

There is great potential to recover nickel from below cut-off grade nickel saprolite ores using the Starved Acid Leach Technology (SALT) Nickel saprolite ores are normally mined as feed to Fe-Ni smelters or Ni matte smelting operations The smelting processes typically require high Ni cut-off grades of 1 5 to 2 2% Ni depending on the operation Get price


acid leaching

The project will Taganito Sumitomo Metal Mining to increase production of nickel and 100 tons of ore for processing it will use the technology of acid leaching under pressure The weathering process of the rubber was accelerated in order to measure the effect of weathering on the leaching of zinc Get price


india offer nickel acid leaching technology

iran offer nickel acid leaching technology Nickel extraction from hazardous waste by sulphuric acid leaching hasof Technology Hafez St Tehran Chat Online Producing Copper Nature's Way Bioleaching Whether by bioleaching or conventional acid leaching operating costs for heap leaching for currently operating or planned projects range Get price

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